Home Gym? 5 Tips To Organize Your Exercise Machines

To stay in shape and maintain your exercise routine, you can also take advantage of the space at home and organize your own personal gym with everything you need.

Gyms can often be inaccessible, far from home and from work or school, and sometimes even have a limited number of machines resulting in wasting valuable time waiting for them to be vacated. In this post, we will show you that you do not need to complicate your life by looking for the gym that suits your needs, and you can have your gym at home.

Once you have the motivation, dedication, and discipline you need to effectively carry out physical training; you just have to find the space and get the necessary equipment.

 How to organize a home gym 

  1. The essential thing is to know if you have adequate space, a room in the house with a high ceiling, with enough space and good ventilation. Or you can also use your unoccupied garage.
  2. For the room, keep in mind that you will need to adapt it:
  • Lighting is essential. You can add general soft lighting, which provides a good level of visibility without being too bright and can generate heat in the room.
  •  For the floor, you must make sure that it is a material that does not slip, that supports the weight and wear of weights and equipment. For this, the best option is shock-absorbing floors made of rubber, but you have other options such as non-slip rubber flooring or luxury vinyl tiles.
  • As for the walls, you can decorate them to your liking; Consider painting the walls in light colors. Install a mirror on a complete wall; this will help you to verify your exercises to avoid injuries and obtain better results.
  1. The next thing is to adapt your training and get the essential equipment to be able to do it, taking into account the space you have.
  2. It is not necessary that you think about buying large machines that cover each training; you can start with the most basic and then analyze if it is necessary to buy something else and add it little by little. For example, in many multi-gym machines, you can easily cover them in a practical way, by including exercises with free weights or by using elastic bands.
  3. You should also bear in mind that for each muscle, you will require a specific machine or instrument if you want to adequately work the entire body. There are some basic instruments that can be used to work several muscles, so do not pile machines and accessories randomly, take advantage of the space, make it simple and comfortable so that you can exercise.

Home gym equipment

Now, regardless of your type of training, the idea is to combine machines and accessories that facilitate aerobic exercises with strength work (weights) so that your home gym allows you to perform varied and functional routines.

When setting up your home gym, you should have some complementary elements or equipment such as elastic bands, dumbbells, jump ropes, blankets, and mats. These can be stored in drawers or baskets to keep your gym tidy and not run the risk of tripping over your equipment.

Machines that complement your physical activity

Elliptical bike

To perform your cardiovascular exercises, you can include a treadmill, a bicycle, and/or an elliptical. Any of these machines, or if possible, combining the possible exercises to perform in each one, will allow you a routine that completes strength and cardio.

Chin-up bar

It includes a chin-up bar, those machines that normally hang on the doorframe. This is a piece of essential equipment for your home gym; in addition to not taking up much space or uncomfortable, they are essential for strength training that allows you to work your back, arms, and even abs with different exercises.

Weight bench

weight bench cannot be missing. If an essential element in a gym should be mentioned, this is it since it allows you to perform different types of exercises for strength training and work the muscles of the chest, back, biceps and triceps. The same bench can be useful to perform other types of exercises such as abdominals and lats.

There are different weight benches that you can complement. You can add an Olympic bar and some plates to a basic bench to complement your exercise routine.

Remember that it is always better to start with the most basic, and as you progress in your training, you add complementary equipment.

To make your exercise routine more enjoyable, you can always add a good sound system to your home gym space, which may be enough with properly placed horns, and you could even consider adding a television. These devices allow you to create a suitable environment for exercising, perceiving it as a moment of relaxation and entertainment.

Consider that having a home gym, however convenient and comfortable it may be, is not for everyone. Some people find it easier to get motivation from a group environment such as a social gym to exercise; It is also possible that without prior training, you cannot have the necessary experience and you will feel lost by not having an expert by your side to guide you in your exercise routine. So consider if a home gym really suits you.